Private Breeders of Captive Born Quality Tortoises
Orange County, California
Paul & Rosilee

Breeders of the
African Sulcata
Ivory Hatchlings & Normal Siblings
Ivory Hatchling & Normal Sibling
200 Lb. Sulcata Male
80 lb Sulcata Female
Leopard  (Babcocki)
Leopard (Pardalis)
Yellowfoot Tortoise
Redfoot Tortoise
Baby  Leopard
Leopard Yearling
Indian Star Tortoise
Baby Indian Stars
Sulcata  Pair
Baby Sulcata
Three-toed Box Turtle
Three-toed Box Turtle
Russian Tortoises
Pair Golden Greeks
Baby Spider Tortoises
Radiated Tortoise
Baby Red-Eared Slider Turtle
Adult Red-Eared Slider Turtle
Adult Redfoot Tortoise
Baby Redfoot Tortoise
Male Sulcata  (100 lbs)
Female Sulcata   (110 lbs)
Tortuga Villa
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